Over Sandy

Hi, I am Sandy. I’m not a psychic, but a doctor on chemical engineering. In my professional life, I work as an automation engineer - referring to robotics - in an international pharmaceutical company.

Principally, I should be the one who has the least chance to meet you here. However, life can be amazing! With the scientific work during my PhD and post-doctoral research on physical-chemistry, I realized that science can’t always explain or bring solutions as we expect. From that time, I began to follow Buddhist masters to study systematically Buddhist philosophy for more than 5 years, and I found that Buddhist theory has many similarities to quantum physics, which is familiar to me. Then, I further explored my research on YiJing and Taoism numerology and cosmology, as well as western astrology for about 8 years.

The common point of all these different theories and/or methods is to recover the trends of our life tracks, just like in science we summarize a mathematical formula with already known verity to predict unknown events. Thus, I analyze the trend of life tracks and give predictions about relationship and love problems, professional affairs, healthy problems and money affairs, etc.

I need the information of your birth year, month, date, time and place, as well as your gender to establish a tailor-made analysis for you. You will receive predictions in an email or during an appointment. Please give me the above information and your questions in the first email or when you make an appointment in order that I can work on them.

The knowledge of the trend of your future can calm you down and help you to anticipate in life. Please note that even if there is a general direction (trend) of the life track, you can still take action to give a different turn to fate, or to do your best on that direction! My work is then to help you to better react with problems, worries and stress.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a question about your future!

Much love,